Florida businesses are required to pay all employees at least the Florida minimum wage rate, which changes every year. Starting January 1, 2020, the Florida minimum wage will increase to $8.56 an hour. All your employees must receive at least this hourly wage for all hours they work.

If you have tipped employees (like food servers), you are allowed to count the tips they receive towards the minimum wage. However, you are also required to pay them an hourly cash wage. For 2020, the cash wage you must pay tipped employees is increasing to $5.54 an hour.

With this change to the Florida minimum wage, Florida employers will be required to display a new minimum wage poster for 2020. One of the benefits of your FUBA membership is that we provide you with all updated posters free of charge.  On January 1st, simply post the new notice enclosed with the mailed copy of your newsletter at your workplace to be in compliance with this requirement.

As always, additional posters are free of charge to FUBA members and can be downloaded by clicking here.