State Minimum Wage Increasing Again for 2018 – New Poster Required

One of the best benefits of your membership in FUBA is our poster service. FUBA provides new members with an All-in-One poster containing all state and federal employment posters.  If any of these posters change, FUBA provides updated panels to our members at no charge to make sure you are always in compliance with employment posting requirements.  By keeping your FUBA membership current, you can be sure your business is always up-to-date on the posters required for general businesses.  Poster companies in the business of selling these posters charge at least $100 a year for current posters.  As a FUBA member, you can can have the peace of mind to throw solicitations from poster companies in the trash.

One of the posters FUBA provides its members is the Florida Minimum Wage poster. This poster is updated every year.

Effective January 1, 2018, the Florida minimum wage is increasing 15¢ an hour for calendar year 2018 from $8.10 to $8.25 an hour.  The cash wage for tipped employees is also increasing from $5.08 an hour to $5.23 an hour.

There are two versions of the minimum wage: a federal one and a Florida-specific one.  Employers located in Florida must pay their employees whichever minimum wage is higher, which for 2018 continues to be the Florida minimum wage of $8.25 (the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour).

For tipped employees (like food servers), employers can count the tips these employees receive towards the required hourly minimum wage.  However, employers are required by law to pay tipped employees a direct cash wage, which for 2018 will be $5.23.

With this change to the Florida minimum wage, a new poster will be required for 2018.  As a benefit of your FUBA membership, we will provide you with an updated 2018 Florida minimum wage poster FREE of charge with the mailed copy of your December newsletter.

You can also download the new poster from our website by clicking here.

On January 1st, you will only need to replace the 8 ½” by 11” 2017 version of the Florida-specific minimum wage poster with the new 2018 version.

[Please note: employers still need to also post the federal version of the minimum wage poster, which is included in the All-in-One poster you received from FUBA when you joined. As long as your federal minimum wage poster says $7.25, your poster is current.]

If you have any questions about the minimum wage and how it affects your business, please email the FUBA offices or call us at 800-262-4483 and ask for Erin, Karen or Lance.