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These are exciting times for FUBA!

Effective August 1st, 2018, FUBA endorses Lancer Indemnity Company to provide workers’ compensation coverage to eligible FUBA members.  Lancer Indemnity Company is rated A- “Excellent” by A.M. Best.

This exclusive new partnership means the best protection for our members who count on FUBA.  Businesses insured through FUBA’s new program will have the peace of mind knowing that their workers’ comp policy is with an A- rated carrier providing the highest quality coverage available.

This also means that you can continue your ongoing relationships with the same helpful people at FUBA you have come to know and trust for underwriting, marketing, and policy services. Our new program will have the same payment plans, the same online payment and agent portals, and the same phone numbers that you know – all backed by A- rated workers’ comp coverage.

FUBA brings over 30 years of experience in helping small businesses meet their workers’ comp needs — with the added benefits of our association membership delivering compliance help, required employment posters, and advocacy for our members in Tallahassee’s halls of power.

We are proud of FUBA’s history, and this new chapter puts us in the best position to continuing serving you, our members, for many years to come.


These are exciting times for FUBA – and we can’t wait to share the news with YOU!

Posted by FUBA on Monday, June 18, 2018


The Florida United Businesses Association (FUBA) is the leading voice and trusted partner for small businesses across Florida. FUBA WORKS — why? Because our members are:

backed by FUBA’s effective legislative advocacy,
informed by our regulatory experts,
supported through start-up challenges,
and protected by industry-informed workers’ compensation programs.

Powerful and cost-effective representation by people you know and trust

FUBA is the trusted and sought-after partner for more than 7,000 small businesses across Florida, with a growing and stable membership spanning three decades. Our skilled customer service representatives are dedicated experts who take the utmost pride in providing fast and friendly advice and assistance each and every time a member calls.

Deep expertise in the construction sector, meeting members’ essential business needs

FUBA makes it easy for small businesses to get the coverage and representation they deserve — most of FUBA’s members have just four employees. 81 percent of FUBA members are small contractors or construction companies.

Effective advocacy in the halls of power

During the most recent recession, small businesses were faced with large increases in unemployment compensation taxes. FUBA worked with the legislature to successfully influence the outcome in favor of small businesses by preventing further large increases in unemployment compensation taxes. FUBA members are now paying some of the lowest unemployment taxes in many years.

Helping our members cut through regulatory and start-up complexity

FUBA deeply understands the challenging needs of small contractors and provides support for them. FUBS, an affiliate of FUBA, is a unique organization that benefits FUBA members looking to form a new business — a corporation or a limited liability company — in Florida.

For our agent members, we’ve provided consistent and impressive sales incentives and will continue to do so well into the future — but the most important “incentive” is our team of trusted, knowledgeable, experienced insurance professionals you know and depend on. Download and keep this informational PDF to see all the benefits