Under a new federal law effective August 1st, civil penalties that the federal government charges businesses for violations of federal employment laws (like OSHA and wage and hour laws) are going up.­ As a result, the government has revised 2 posters that all employers are required to post at their place of business:­ the federal minimum wage poster and the polygraph notice poster.­ Both of these posters are part of the All-in-One poster that all FUBA members receive free of charge when they join FUBA.­ And as one of the benefits of continued FUBA membership, we provided updated versions of these 2 posters in the September 2016 newsletter.­ You can simply tape these 2 posters up over the old versions, and you will be in full compliance with all state and federal employment poster requirements.

If you receive poster solicitations: Because these posters are changing, companies that are in the business of printing posters have been sending notices to small businesses, telling them they need to buy new posters to be in compliance or risk steep fines.­ You can disregard these notices.­ As long as you keep your FUBA membership active, you can be assured that we will always let you know when employment posters change and we provide updated posters to you at no charge.

>>Click here to print the revised federal minimum wage poster.<<

>>Click here to print the revised polygraph notice poster.<<

If you have any questions about the new posters, you can reply to this email or call the FUBA offices at 800-262-4483 and ask for Karen, Lance or Erin.